Cora Chunks

About a week ago we lost a legend, Cora Chunks was one of the greats. When I first met her she had a brother named Bubba, and on walks the two of them were hilariously fun! Cora would keep her head down and consume everything in her path, including a cicada I tried to help. She probably thought I was going to eat it first, or something, and we all know cicadas taste great! Bubba would also keep his head down, but he’d just run into things like fences and sign posts, Cora’s rear end. He was a sweetheart. A doofus, but a sweetheart.

When Bubba passed Cora got a new sister, Petunia. My Mooge saw potential in the two of them and started their gang, Lakeview Death Squad. Over the years I got to take care of Cora and Tuna when her family was out of town, and I’m so grateful and lucky to have had the time I did with her.

Cora was hands down the absolute sweetest dog over 13.4 pounds that I have ever met. She had a massive smile that went from one side of her butt all the way around her face to the other side. And if I didn’t let her sit in my lap she’d do this hi pitch, gumbly whine until she got her way. And if I she didn’t get her way, she’d sit in some small place made for Mooge until I noticed her staring at me.

She loved her family, and her brother and sister, and Mooge, and I’m so glad my new baby boy, Egoom, got to meet and spend a little time with her.

I miss you and love you, baby Cora. Thanks for being a friend.

-Adam Crohn

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