In college I was awakened to my love for writing through a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Minor in Creative Writing. I’ve incorporated that love into my many endeavors, both professional and personal, from writing copy, marketing materials, and scripts for my own small toy design business – to various outlets on the web – to this blog that you’re reading right now. I’m also currently writing and illustrating a children’s book series about me and my dog, Mooge. I’m a host and producer on my vintage horror movie podcast Death by Podcast, my Star Wars podcast I Have Spoken, and my toy community podcast You Like Toys, of which I write all scripts and social media/website marketing copy for.

As a kid I tried to get my hands into any and all types of art mediums. I started out emulating my favorite comic book artists with sketching, then pivoted to taking apart our household phones just to see if they’d still work when I put them back together again. Since then I’ve gravitated toward traditional art and mixed media, specifically sculpting and painting which morphed into my business, AC Toy Design.

I’m known for always having a camera in my hands and trying to capture the life in what I’m seeing. And in the last few years video editing has not only become a welcome facet to my business, but an enjoyable hobby as well.

Some might say I have a full plate of interests, and I say the best people’s plates are full of just that.

I’m always looking for work related to what I love, and love nothing more than sharing my work with those that appreciate it.

Thanks for visiting.