My Mooge

In January 2021 I lost my Mooge, the love of my life, my reason. We had nearly 15 vibrant years together. We went everywhere and did everything in each other’s company, and the day she died she still woke up and played, ate and loved like a puppy. I miss her more every day I breathe. Mooge inspired my art to no end, so I thought it right for my first post on my new blog about my art be about my love, my heart, my Mooge. Thanks for reading.

It’s warming up and the feet of snow and ice are melting. The sun is out more and longer. As much as we loved to and were good at hibernating in the winter, me and Mooge would get out as much as possible come spring. I’m sitting by a window full of sun writing this, thinking about all the things I’m going to have to at least try to do without her now. Long walks and running at the lake, biking and scooting around the city. Just sitting in her suns together, smelling the air and listening to the wind in the city like we used to. Watching her look at flowers as if she thought someone had planted them just for her.

Mooge’s draw to flowers was something I noticed early on. Her entire life, every time we walked by some she would always tug me over to smell them and then look up at me with a giant smile. It really was some kind of peace that I rarely see even humans enjoy. Every morning I get up I miss her more than when I went to bed, and I don’t know how to even approach these things without her. But every time I look at that smile I’m filled with the happiness she had in making it, it’s just that the best part was watching that smile happen as it came to life.

I miss you so much.


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